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Updated: Sep 27, 2020

If you are like me, you have been eating your emotions away these past few weeks.

You and I are scared and uncertain about what is going on in the world right now.

These past 3 weeks have been like nothing we have been through before. It is like we have had the rug pulled out from under us, which is literally what has happened.

For me, the thing that has me worried besides all the people that are dying of The Corona-virus is that something like this could happen again. My world could change in the blink of an eye. My daily routine, my work like life as I know it can be taken away from me at any time.

Our routines make us feel safe and secure. We count on them to always be there for us. When our routines change, we can freak out. The known and familiar is unknown and strange now. I personally miss my routine of going to the gym every morning and grabbing my iced green tea with lemon after at my local coffee shop.

I feel uneasy and unsure of what is next. The future is unknown. Life, as we know it in the United States, has changed, and may never be the same. That is freaking scary.

I have found that I have been craving chocolate and eating more than I usually do. I have found I have been eating when I feel stressed and fatigued. Can anyone relate?

But, it is OK to deviate from our regular food routine. Some of you may not even have access to food that you usually have in the house. Your routine may have changed and you don't have access to your favorite foods. These are unprecedented times we are living in right now. Our whole world is in an upheaval.

You do not have to feel bad if you are overeating or eating a lot of "bad" food. First of all, there are no good and bad foods. All foods serve a purpose. This is how you are coping right now and it is OK. You are still OK. Now is the time to have self-compassion for ourselves right now. We are lucky to have food to comfort us right now. Our world is not the same, so why would our eating habits be the same? right?

When we get down on ourselves for not staying on our plan or our new lifestyle, it makes us feel worse. We overeat and then beat ourselves up for overindulging. News flash: no one food has the power to cure or kill us. Your health will not suffer from this short period in your life right now when you are eating different foods. These uncertain times will be short-lived (hopefully).

Pretend that a friend came to you and was feeling bad about herself because she has been overindulging on chocolate or some other "off-limit" food. What would you tell her?

You would be kind and understanding of her and her current situation, right?

So, why can't you be the same kind, compassionate, and loving person to yourself right now? You are doing the best you can in these crazy and unpredictable times.

Ever since I have been practicing Intuitive Eating, my emotional eating has dramatically decreased. I am so grateful for that. Lately, when I have eaten when I am not hungry or craved chocolate, I am gentle and understanding with myself. I would have never felt this way to myself before I found Intuitive Eating. I would have hated myself and called myself hurtful names and ended up eating even more. Oh, how times have changed

So, how will you make yourself feel next time you eat out of uncomfortable emotions?

Please choose loving-kindness, the whole world (and especially you) needs it right now.

If you are struggling with your relationship with food and with your body, I would love to chat with you and see how I can help you.

You are not alone!!

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