Why Can't You Stick to A Diet?

Failed Another Diet? It’s Not Your Fault.

April 2, 2019 Inspired Women Health CoachingEdit "Failed Another Diet? It’s Not Your Fault."

” Dieting contributes to body dissatisfaction, food and body preoccupation, food cravings, distraction from other personal health goals, reduced self-esteem, and weight stigmatization and discrimination” (Tribole and Resch, in Intuitive Eating Workbook 2017.)

Constantly failing at yet another diet is not your fault. A diet could be low carb, low fat, calorie restricting, sugar free or counting points. Why do we fail at diets again and again?

It is normal for our body to crave and to just want to eat foods that we are restricting. If I told you , you have to cut out all bread from now on, guess what? what do you think you would want? That’s right, bread and lots of it.

Some women say ” I can’t have sugar, I am addicted to it, if I eat one piece of candy it is a trigger for me to eat a whole bunch and I cannot stop.” Well, surprise ladies, there is no such things as a sugar addiction. When we eat sugar, it lights up our pleasure center in our brain. When we hold our baby or watch a happy movie that part of the brain is lit up also. So, we don’t say ” I am addicted to my baby.” A lot of us eat a lot of sugar to get that sugar high to feel good. We keep eating the sugar to keep that good feeling going. If we are overdosing on sugar then that could mean that we are lacking in our lives feel good activities that light up our pleasure center. That is when we need to evaluate our lives and see where our lives are out of balance.

Dieting also triggers our inner rebellion, because dieting rules are an assault on our personal choices and our need for autonomy. Dieting is a form of deprivation, when you “fall off your diet”, it is your body’s way of getting the nutrients it needs, whether sugar or carbs for energy. It is not your fault you failed on your diet, your diet failed you.

I follow Intuitive Eating, and eating is such a pleasure for me now. I don’t worry about food, it is not constantly in the forefront in my mind, like when I was dieting. I was so preoccupied with food and calories and carbs when I would diet. I would fail on my restrictive diet and eat all I could until I started my next diet on Monday. My self-esteem suffered so much, I felt like a failure. I beat myself down for years and years, ever since I was 11 years old. I would gain so much weight from overeating when I fell off of my diet and then I would get depressed and eat even more. It was a vicious cycle.

It is proven that normal weight women who diet and fall off and overeat (the dieting cycle) are more prone to have increased weight gain in their abdomen. Yikes, just the opposite of what a diet promises.

Intuitive Eating has 10 principles and involves no deprivation. We are all born intuitive eaters, but as we grew up things changed. Some of us as kids were made to eat everything on our plate because the starving children in Africa had no food, or our well-meaning parents restricted sweets and junk food in our house. We unlearned our internal cues of hunger and fullness, but we can all learn to be Intuitive Eaters again. Unlearning the diet mentality will take time, but it is worth the wait.

So there is hope ladies, to have a healthy relationship with food and finally throw dieting out the window. Diets make us fat and the more we understand how they do, the more we can adopt healthy ways of dropping the pounds and increasing our self esteem and the quality of our lives.

Check out my website and enter the code Empowerme19 at checkout for your free 45 minute “Free From Food” coaching session in which we will work together to:

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Have you leaving the session renewed, inspired, and ready to find peace with food and with yourself.


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