What Are You Attracting?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

What are you attracting into your life? We attract what we think about right? When we think we are no good or our life stinks than guess what? The universe hears “stinky life and no good”.  It cannot discern between yes and no, it only hears the words you speak. Prime example, true story. Last week I was talking to my friend about the stomach bug and how it is going around. I said ” I am so lucky my son has not thrown up since he was a baby and he is now 7″. Guess what? on Saturday morning, I am sleeping and my son is beside me and says “mom, I think I’m gonna throw ………” and guess what? he pukes all over himself and my bed.  I jump out of bed, half asleep and thinking the worse,  I almost pass out, I had to lie down until the feeling passes or I was going down. I’m like “hold on Giovanni mom has to lye down for a second.” I am such a baby, but being a nurse I think the worse. So, that is a prime example of the law of attraction in action.

What are you constantly thinking about? Are the voices in your head saying great, uplifting things? or is the chatter all negative? If you are used to talking negatively to yourself, it might just feel normal and comfortable for you to continue. But, are you happy with your life? Do things work out the way you want them to? Or do you have bad luck all the time? You have the power in yourself to change and create the life you want.

You invite into your life what you think about. If you want your life to improve then it is time to change your inner chatter. Think about how you would like a situation in your life to go. How about if it went better than expected? Think about what you would like your life to be like if you couldn’t fail? When you are planning something big in the future, like a job change or doing a seminar for the first time, think about the outcome and how you would like it to turn out. Don’t think about all the things that could go wrong; think about all the things that could go right and feel your mood and spirit lift up. God and the universe want nothing but good for you. Listen to your inner desires and feel your passions and act on them. Don’t doubt your greatness, my dear. I am rooting for you.

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Giving Up and Positive Affirmations

March 4, 2019March 4, 2019Inspired Women Health CoachingEdit "Giving Up and Positive Affirmations"

Hello everyone and good Monday morning. My son has a snow day today, so stuck in the house this am. Snow day are not my favorites. I like to be out and about, but got to make the best out of it.

Wow, 16 more days till spring, yeah!!! I do not like how long the winters are here in MA. I get down due to the lack of Vit D. I hate being stuck in the house on those long snowy weekends. But the end is in sight.

I just almost finished my workout with Shawn T, from Beachbody. I did the Insanity workout. It is so hard, maybe I was just setting myself up for failure. I was so down on myself for not being able to finish the video and each time I could not do a move I just called myself bad names. It did me no good, it will do you no good either girlfriend. It is just so frustrating that I am not up to par to those skinny girls on the video. Well, they are younger than I am and they have been doing this much longer than I have, so I have to give myself a break right? I have never really done hard core exercising before a year and a half ago and I am 47, so I guess I need to be gentler on myself. That is what I would tell my health coaching clients and my best friend. We need to do the best we can at the time and call it a day, do not go into a pity party for ourselves, because no one else is going to come. The party will be very lonely and boring and just depressing. Getting down on yourself will just make you give up and say F**** this. I was almost there this morning. But, giving up will get you nowhere. Winners don’t quit and quiter’s don’t win.

So, instead of beating myself up even more, I would like to share a little bit about how we frame our positive affirmations. To be truly effective according to Jack Canfield in Daily Affirmations for Success A Step-By-Step Guide. We need to:

Start our affirmations with the words I am. The words I am are the two most powerful words in the language. The subconscious takes these words as commandments and makes them reality.Use the present tense. Describe what you want as you already have it. Wrong: I am going to get my new white Mercedes 350. Right: I am enjoying my new white Mercedes 350. State in the positive. Affirm what you want not what you don’t want. The unconscious does not hear the words no or not. Example: Don’t slam the door, is heard as slam the door. Wrong: I am no longer afraid of flying. Right: I am enjoying the thrill of flying.Keep it brief. It has to be easily remembered.Make it specific. Wrong: I am driving my white new SUV  Right: I am driving my new white Mercedes SUV 350.Include an action work ending with -ing. The action verb adds power to the effect by evoking an image of doing it right now. Wrong: I express myself honestly and boldly. Right: I am confidently expressing myself honestly and boldly.Include at least one dynamic emotion or feeling word. Include the emotional state you would be feeling if you already achieved the goal. Examples are, enjoying, happily celebrating, proudly, calmly, peacefully, enthusiastic, secure and serenely. Wrong: I am maintaining my perfect body weight of 155 pounds. Right: I am feeling great and happy at my perfect body weight of 155 pounds.Make affirmations for yourself, not others. When you are stating affirmations, make them describe your behavior not the behavior of others. Wrong: I am watching Giovanni clean up his room. Right: I am effectively communicating my needs and desires to Giovanni.

Add something better. When you are affirming getting a specific situation (job, vacation), always add the words or something better. Sometimes there is something better that is available to us.

Now, review and state your affirmations one to three times a day. The best times are first thing in the morning, in the middle of the day and at bedtime. Repeat your affirmations every morning and night for a month and they will become an automatic part of your thinking…… woven into every part of your being.

Good luck and enjoy your week,

Big Hugs


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What a Relief

February 18, 2019February 18, 2019Inspired Women Health CoachingEdit "What a Relief"

Hi there. Well, last week I threw away the dreaded scale. Why? you might ask. I found that I was defining myself by a number. If I gained weight that morning, that number would hang over my head for the rest of the  day. I would feel like such a failure. I would feel hopeless that I would ever lose weight. In reality, my weight gain could of been caused by various factors such as eating a lot of salt the day before or maybe I was under a lot of stress and my body was holding onto fluid or maybe I am gaining some muscle. But, I defined myself by a number and I wanted it to end. I was so sick of hopping on the scale in the morning and having my mood and my opinion of myself shift just  by a number. So, I decided to get rid of the scale. So, how was this week you may be wondering. How was I feeling without the scale?

I have been feeling less stressed. Less worried about stepping on the scale and having my mood be determined by the number I see. I know if I am not eating according to my bodily needs. I know when I am eating out of stress or depression. I know what my body needs to make me feel my best and I am trying to listen to how much food it actually needs. I am eating intuitively. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. I ask myself before I eat; what do I feel like eating? and how will my body feel after I eat this food? I will be weighing myself once monthly just to check in with my progress.

I am free of the bondage of the scale and having my self worth and my mood determined by a stinkin number. Yeah!!!!

Have you also thrown away your scale? I would love to hear your experiences.

Have a great week and big hugs.


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Rice Experiment Results

February 11, 2019February 11, 2019Inspired Women Health CoachingEdit "Rice Experiment Results"

Hi everyone and happy Monday. Well, my rice experiment I started in November was finally completed today. I started it to prove that our negative thoughts really do effect us physically and mentally. I talked to 3 containers of rice daily for one minute each. I filled one container and labeled it Negative, another one I labeled it neutral and the third was positive. I talked to the positive container with loving encouraging words, the neutral container I ignored and the negative container I said hateful things to. The results weren’t as dramatic as I had seen on You Tube when other people did the same experiment. But there was a difference in the rice containers. The positive container smelled like fresh rice and the color was vibrant and it was moist. The negative container smelled soooo bad and was a darker color and dry and the ignore container was in between the other two, it smelled but not that bad and the color was good.

So, I was pleased at the results. I wish it had shown more of a dramatic change in appearance. But, maybe that is also a learning experience. Negative thoughts might not show up on ourselves on the outside, but inside it is rotting our spirit. It is killing any love we have for ourselves and for others. Negative thoughts can destroy any dream we might have for our future. They can make us physically sick and shorten our life span.

When we think a negative thought we need to ask ourselves,  if it is really true, if we can prove it and how does that negative thought make us feel and what If the opposite was true? how would that make us feel?  As you go through this exercise when a negative thought enters our head you will feel your vibration and mood lift up. It is a simple exercise that will make a huge difference in how we feel. Give it a try and let me know how it went. Enjoy your week and thanks for reading.



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Just One Little Thing

February 4, 2019February 4, 2019Inspired Women Health CoachingEdit "Just One Little Thing"

Good morning Ladies. This morning I am feeling especially good. Why you ask? It has been a process, let me tell you and it starts with real small baby steps. But guess what, anyone can improve how they feel physically and mentally just by starting small.

Now, I want you to sit down and think “what is one small step I can do today to make myself feel better?” Nothing drastic please. We are talking small comfortable steps here.

If you are suffering from low self esteem I want you to write down one thing that you love about yourself. For example, I am a great listener, a hard worker etc,. I want you to concentrate on your positive qualities.

Every morning you can add a positive quality you love about yourself into a journal and review them everyday.

By maintaining a positive attitude , over time you can improve how you feel about yourself, your life and your future. Trust me, it’s possible!!!!

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Take Care Of You

January 28, 2019Inspired Women Health CoachingEdit "Take Care Of You"

Do you ever hear these people who are like;  work, work work till you drop? A lot of high performers and successful people do get up at the crack of dawn and do their workout and then work till late in the eve. They push and push. I tried that.

I used to get up at 5 am to get a workout in then work all day. I found myself freakin tired throughout the day, moody, snapping at people and just not feeling well. I would go throught the day feeling worse for getting up so early. My body needs sleep. I thought I was doing the right thing; getting up early and going all day long. But, recently I found that sleeping just that extra 45 mins before I have to get up and be at work at 7am is much more beneficial to me than getting up at 5am and working my butt off. At first, I felt like a failure. We are told that in order to really get anywhere in life and to  be a high achiever that we have to wake up before everyone else and get a head start. Well, it did not work quite well for me. And, that is ok.

We cannot compare ourselves to anyone else. We have to do what is best for us. Maybe me functioning on less sleep is due to me getting older? I don’t know. But, I worked last eve at my nursing job and then I slept till noon today. I feel renewed and energized ready to conquer the world, lol. If I had gotten up at 5am to get my workout in, I know I would feel so crappy right now. So, on the days I have to be at work at 7am, I do not work out in the morning. Maybe I work out after work. But that works for me. We need to take care of ourselves in the best way only we know. No one else knows our body and how we feel. Do what feels right to you and don’t apologize to anyone.

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What Is The Plan For 2019?

January 14, 2019January 14, 2019Inspired Women Health CoachingEdit "What Is The Plan For 2019?"

Happy New Year everyone. Hope your new year is starting off in the direction you are planning to go  in 2019. How is the new year’s resolution going?

For many people they vow to lose weight and finally get healthy this year. My gym has been very busy since new years, but the attendance will fall off soon. There will just be the regular gym crowd, with maybe a new face or two. Why do so many people fall off the wagon so to speak, in regards to dieting?

Well, first of all changes that people make are not sustainable long term. They restrict themselves to low carb, low calorie, dairy free or vow to exercise 7 days a week. They may stick to these plans for a while, and even loose weight. But, these lifestyles are not meant for real life and real people who are living real lives. I mean, c’mon, are you going to vow to never fall off your diet and indulge? Are you going to go the gym 7 days a week for the rest of your life? When faced with bread at a party are you never going to eat a piece? Are you never going to have dessert again? Can you stick to your low calorie plan when having a crazy busy day on the road ?

Second of all,  people make their weight loss goals way too big, and when they fail to meet that deadline of losing so much weight by a certain date, they say ” f… it!!  I’m never going to lose weight anyways, I am always a failure and can’t stick to any diet and I am always going to be fat!” I have been there countless times over my lifetime of dieting. It is so freakin frustrating I know.

Third factor in people not sticking to their new years resolution for losing weight is that they are just focusing on the food part and not fixing why they are really overweight in the first place. What is eating them on the inside that is making them stuff themselves with food on the outside? Weight loss begins in the mind, I say. You need to start with loving and forgiving yourself first,  before you can ever lose weight permanently. You can lose weight and keep it off for a while, but whatever is eating you up on the inside will eventually push you back into eating as a coping mechanism to make you feel better. You may take up drinking, smoking or drug use or some other coping mechanism instead of food  to help you stop the pain from whatever you are not dealing with in your life.

First of all, if you do fall off your diet, you need to remember that it is ok, you are just trying to make yourself feel better in the only way you know how to right now. You are going to be fine. Do not, I repeat do not.  beat yourself up for falling off your diet. I spent years falling off my restrictive diet and eating myself silly to punish myself until I started my new diet on Monday. I gained 100lbs when I was around 16 years old from the yo yo dieting and self hatred that came from falling off my diet time and time again. I never dealt with what was eating me up on the inside. I never learned how  to love myself as I was and never forgave myself for not being able to get skinny and sticking  with my diet.

So, my advice is to start with learning to love yourself and forgive yourself for not being perfect. Resolve any issues that are bothering you in your life. Talk to a therapist or hire a life or health coach  they are so helpful and can help you look at things that are going on in your life in a different and more positive way. They are very objective and that is one thing I really think is very helpful. We can get caught up in our own heads and lose touch with what is the real truth.  Also, make small goals in regards to getting healthy. Change one thing at a time and make sure that one change you can stick with for the long term. If you are a soda drinker, just drink one less sip of your soda today. Tomorrow, maybe pour a little less soda in your cup. Build upon the small successes you have every day and you will build momentum to keep making changes. In regards  to food, maybe  leave one last bite of your dinner tonight on your plate  if you are looking to cut down on the portions. Every day eat a little less and watch the lbs melt off. Start a walking routine if you haven’t exercised in a while. Walk around the block for 10 minutes 3 days a week to start and build from there. Little changes and consistency will pay off.

I love reading books from louise L. Hay, she writes a lot about how to love yourself in her books. I have read some of her books and they really resonate with me.

Lastly, I am now a certified Health Coach and am in the process of  setting  up my business. I am offering free 45 minute coaching sessions, to gain some experience. Feel free to reach out if you would like to meet with me and see if I can help you in any way.

Here is to a happy, productive and healthy new year.

Fondly, Kim

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