What Are You Attracting?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

What are you attracting into your life? We attract what we think about right? When we think we are no good or our life stinks than guess what? The universe hears “stinky life and no good”.  It cannot discern between yes and no, it only hears the words you speak. Prime example, true story. Last week I was talking to my friend about the stomach bug and how it is going around. I said ” I am so lucky my son has not thrown up since he was a baby and he is now 7″. Guess what? on Saturday morning, I am sleeping and my son is beside me and says “mom, I think I’m gonna throw ………” and guess what? he pukes all over himself and my bed.  I jump out of bed, half asleep and thinking the worse,  I almost pass out, I had to lie down until the feeling passes or I was going down. I’m like “hold on Giovanni mom has to lye down for a second.” I am such a baby, but being a nurse I think the worse. So, that is a prime example of the law of attraction in action.