Self-Compassion is Key

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Good Monday morning ladies. Hope you had a great Mother's Day. I wish I could say mine was amazing, but I would be lying. My mood and my eating were off. Today, I am working on having self-compassion for myself. Do any of you ladies struggle with self-compassion also? I would love to hear from you.

It is such an important step in moving on. Moving on from self-defeating behaviors and from mistakes. When we lack self-compassion we are stuck in self-hatred or self-loathing behaviors. This weekend my mood was off due to various factors, I had PMS and my son was misbehaving. Saturday and Sunday I ate foods I usually don't eat and ate too much of them. I found myself going back to my old self-soothing overeating behavior. I found that when I was eating those cupcakes, I was disconnected from my body. I wanted to soothe my discomfort and the food I thought tasted good. But in reality, those cupcakes do not even taste that great. I found that with Intuitive eating a lot of things that I thought tasted good really don't. When I eat them and I am trying to self soothe myself, I am not really concentrating on how they taste.

Today, I am trying to pump myself back up into feeling better. The positives of my overeating are that the episodes are more short-lived than previously and I do not eat as much food as in times past. I have to celebrate these little wins. Since I do not have the diet mentality anymore, I know that my next diet will not start tomorrow and that I do not have to gorge myself on foods, that will be off-limits tomorrow. So, that helps me eat less. I am also having more self-compassion for myself as in years past. I am moody and having PMS and my mood will not always be 100%. Life will not always be perfect. I will have bad days and amazing days. That's also how Intuitive Eating works, it is like a spiral. I eat intuitively most of the time and sometimes I don't. I will have times when I spiral into my old habits and it is ok. I am trying to unlearn years of old behaviors. It will take time.

Be compassionate with yourself, lets talk to ourselves like we would to our best friend. After all, we are our best friend.

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