Rice Experiment Results

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Rice Experiment Results

February 11, 2019February 11, 2019Inspired Women Health CoachingEdit "Rice Experiment Results"

Hi everyone and happy Monday.

Well, my rice experiment I started in November was finally completed today. I started it to prove that our negative thoughts really do affect us physically and mentally. I talked to 3 containers of rice daily for one minute each. I filled one container and labeled it Negative, another one I labeled it neutral and the third was positive. I talked to the positive container with loving encouraging words, the neutral container I ignored, and the negative container I said hateful things towards. The results weren’t as dramatic as I had seen on YouTube when other people did the same experiment. But there was a difference in the rice containers. The positive container smelled like fresh rice and the color was vibrant and it was moist. The negative container smelled soooo bad and was a darker color and dry and the ignore container was in between the other two, it smelled but not that bad and the color was good.

So, I was pleased with the results. I wish it had shown more of a dramatic change in appearance. But, maybe that is also a learning experience. Negative thoughts might not show up on ourselves on the outside, but inside it is rotting our spirit. It is killing any love we have for ourselves and for others. Negative thoughts can destroy any dream we might have for our future. They can make us physically sick and shorten our life span.

When we think a negative thought we need to ask ourselves if it is really true if we can prove it and how does that negative thought makes us feel and what If the opposite was true? how would that make us feel?  As you go through this exercise when a negative thought enters our head you will feel your vibration and mood lift up. It is a simple exercise that will make a huge difference in how we feel. Give it a try and let me know how it went. Enjoy your week and thanks for reading.




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