My Recent Weight Gain and How I'm Handling It.

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

So, today I hopped on the scale (which I do once a month). I was surprised I gained 5 lbs within the last 3 weeks. I knew I had gained over the last few weeks; my face feels fuller, my stomach is bigger and my clothes fit tighter.

So before I started Intuitive Eating, this weight gain would have been a disaster for me.

I would feel like a failure, I would call my self terrible names, I would go on a stricter diet (in a few days, fall off of my diet and binge for days), I would stay isolated, I would feel hopeless that I would ever lose weight, I would hate my body and how it looked.

I would be so angry at myself, thinking I was so weak, I was such a bad person for falling off of my diet, I would snap at everyone around me. My anger I had for myself spilled into how I treated my loved ones, (sorry family).

But this morning was different.

I am not going to lie, I was shocked I gained that much weight. But, there was no anger, no punishing myself, no calling myself names, no restricting, no overeating, no snapping at my loved ones.

I looked back at the last couple of weeks thinking to myself:

I did overindulge in Halloween candy a few times, I have not been eating as many fresh fruits and vegetables, my bowel habits (TMI I know) have been off, and my period is due.

So those factors have had an effect on the number on the scale I saw this morning. Then I thought: how can I change these factors without taking anything away?

  1. I can add more fruits, veggies, and nuts into my diet; thank goodness I love vegetables.

  2. I can increase my fiber in my diet, like adding beans, flaxseed, and nuts into my daily routine ( it will help with feeling fuller, prevents constipation, and helps process foods better in your gut).

  3. I can eat candy slower (noticed how I did not say " cut down on the amount of candy I eat"? I have been eating whole pieces of Halloween candy at a time. I can take one bite at a time and enjoy it more. If I want more than I can.

  4. I can have self-compassion for myself. I can look at this weight gain as a learning experience and add things into my diet not take things out.

  5. I can trust the process of Intuitive Eating and trust my body.

Intuitive eating is a process of learning to trust our bodies and what is needs and wants to eat. It is a process that brings food into a different focus in our lives. Food is not the focus of my life anymore. I do not judge myself on what food I put into my body. I do not judge myself when I step on the scale.

I am not obsessed with food anymore. I am so much freer just to live my life. I eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly and just don't think about food like I used to.

I am also forgiving myself for thinking that falling off of diets were my fault. I thought I was dieting to become healthier, more loved, and more accepted. I thought I was doing the right thing for myself.

Diets do not work because we are biologically wired not to deprive ourselves and lose weight intentionally. I am having self-compassion for myself,

I hope you can also forgive yourself when you fail at your diet. It is not your fault.

You are more than the number on the scale and you deserve to have a healthy relationship with food and with your body.

If you are ready to explore how Intuitive Eating can give you these things, then schedule a complimentary Discovery coaching session today. I am here to help if you are ready. And, remember You Are Enough!!!!!

Much love,


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