It's Not In There

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

It’s Not In There

November 27, 2018 "

So, when we have unpleasant feelings we don’t want to feel, some of us look in the fridge to take those bad feelings away. I certainly have done it many many times in the past. But, the answer is not in the fridge. Food is for fuel, not a solution to all of our problems. Try to figure out why you are feeling sad, anxious, lonely, or angry.

Ask yourself “what do I really need to make myself feel better?” If you are lonely, go volunteer, call someone, or get lost in a good book. If depression has set in maybe take a nap or get some fresh air or exercise. If you are angry or anxious, eating something crunchy will not solve your problem. Myself, I have learned exercising helps me with my anxiety. Figure out how to solve the problem and if you can’t let it go.

Sometimes we really have to take the first step away from the fridge (which can be really hard) and realize eating our feelings away will just compound our problem and will also add more weight we have to lose later (another problem).

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