Is our self worth measured by our scale?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

What does our scale actually tell us?

It tells us how much our body, organs, and muscles weigh. It does not tell us how we are as a person. I am learning this more and more each time I step on the scale. Can the scale tell us how much we are loved and how much love we give to someone else? Can it tell us how beautiful, kind, smart and giving we are? How about; how we treat others, how hard we work, how we create, and how physically strong we are? The scale tells us none of those things.

Yet, when we step on the scale, we tell ourselves (if we gained or have not lost weight) that we are not worthy, we are fat, we are failures, we are not good enough and we are lazy.

This morning I weighed myself. In Intuitive Eating, weighing yourself is not recommended. Now, I understand why. I gained almost 2 lbs since last week. As soon as I saw the number on the scale, my brain went right back to the diet mentality. I was hypervigilant this morning about the number of calories I burned at the gym today, instead of just enjoying the movement of my body. I worked harder than usual to burn off those 2lbs. I did not enjoy my workout as much as I usually do, all because I stepped on the scale.

My self-esteem was lowered also. I thought: "Oh no, I gained weight, I am such a failure, I have to restrict my calories and go on another diet." But, I am sure my weight gain was just water weight from the turkey bacon I ate yesterday. I felt like a failure and my mood was just so down this morning, from a stupid number.

We get so stuck on the number on the scale, it distracts us from adopting healthy behaviors. I would have enjoyed my workout better if I did not step on the scale, I would have talked kinder to myself if I did not step on the scale, I would have had a brighter cheerful outlook on my life if I did not step on the scale. I would have wanted to eat healthier better-tasting food that makes me feel good. We need to treat our bodies well whatever our weight.

When we get depressed from not losing weight, we are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem and lower confidence. We are under more stress and are more likely to hold onto weight.

When we concentrate on our other qualities; like, how our body serves us, how many things we have accomplished, and how we treat other people we are more likely to treat our bodies better. When we don't judge ourselves by some stupid number we are free. We are free from judging ourselves and berating ourselves.

I will weigh myself less often now. I now know how the scale affects my mood and the way I take care of myself, We are much more than a number, just remember that ladies.

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