I Did It!!

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

I Did It!

October 4, 2018Inspired Women Health CoachingEdit "I Did It!"

I just realized this the other day while I was chatting with a friend: I have broken the cycle of emotional overeating. I have been an emotional eater since I was 11 years old, I am 46 so, that is most of my life. It started out of anxiety, I had social anxiety in school and I was bullied. I remember a boy in my neighborhood would chase me home from school every day. It was so scary. I don’t think I even told my parents. I have not told anyone until now. Kids in school teased me. I got so self-conscious about my appearance and my actions, I would comfort myself in food. It was a stress reliever for me. I would isolate myself and eat. In grade school and in middle school, I was overweight but not too much. But, I would compare myself to other thinner girls and I was never good enough. I am still struggling with being as good as everyone else and feeling deserving. But, I am getting better.  I am working on it every day.

So, what has helped me break my cycle of destructive overeating? Well, I have learned to love myself and be kind and forgiving with myself. I know weight loss begins in the mind. When we learn to love ourselves, our body will shed the weight.

Also, my exercise routine has been a huge factor in breaking the cycle. I have depression and anxiety and exercising helps me get out of my anxiety and helps boost my mood. My mission in life and in my health coaching business is to help women to overcome self-confidence issues and break the destructive cycle of overeating. I want to let women know they can be happy, lose weight, and transform their lives. God is guiding me every day in my mission. I will trust the process and trust myself.

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