I Am Afraid.....

Hi there,

It has been too long since my last blog.

I can't even remember when my last one was.

Well, I just put it on my calendar for every month for me to write a blog post.

So, lucky you!!!

So, I hope you all are doing well in 2021 so far.

I do see light at the end of this pandemic, our numbers here in Massachusetts are going down slightly and the restrictions are slowly lifting, yeah!!!

So, I am in the middle of taking this amazing course by my friend Anna Herendeen.

She discusses how to biohack your hormones. I personally have never heard of this!!

The course I am taking is about your menstrual cycle phases and how to line them up with your business activities.

I never knew that our brain chemistry actually changes during the month and we feel like doing different things at different times. Freakin amazing!!!

For example,

during the first half of our cycle we are more outgoing and communicative and we should plan different business and life activities in that time, to minimize effort and maximize time.

The second half of our cycle, we are feeling like turning inward and that means we might not feel like doing a Facebook live, but writing a blog post, like me I am doing now.

I am in my second half of my cycle and I just want to sit down and organize and get my thoughts out on paper, so here I am!

HERE is the link to Anna's Facebook page, so you can check out her courses and great live videos she has.

Anna bases her info on Alisa Vitti's teachings.

She is a hormone expert and HERE is a short video explaining her new book Woman Code.

So, anyways, let me get back to the title of this blog: I Am Afraid.

I am learning all of this new information on how food can affect our menstrual and hormone cycle.

I love finally having this information and power in my hands.

The fear I am having, is that I am afraid of concentrating on food so much in my business, especially "healthy" food.

I have nothing against "healthy" food at all.

I mean, it is important to eat all kinds of foods, healthy and unhealthy if you want.

I have learned that certain foods like fruits, nuts and vegetables are good during different phases in our menstrual cycle.

I do not want to push foods in my coaching practice, after all, food is not the focus of Intuitive Eating.

The goal of Intuitive Eating is to improve our relationship with food.

I do not want to put such an emphasis on eating just healthy foods, because if we think we "should" eat only certain foods, it can make us go into deprivation or diet mode.

In deprivation/diet mode we avoid foods we really want and love and then we end up bingeing and that is no good.

Overall, I think that learning how to maximize the cycle we are in, is a great compliment to my Intuitive Eating coaching practice.

After all, Intuitive Eating is tuning into our body cues and listening to them.

If I can give people tips on how to feel better during the month according to their stage in their cycle, then I think it is a good thing.

I can suggest people on what foods they might want to add into their lives and not take out.

My fear stems from the stages of Intuitive Eating in re: to foods.

In the early stages of Intuitive Eating, we allow all foods into our eating experience.

You might be eating more "play or unhealthy" foods than before and I do not want my clients to feel guilty about it.

Actually, focusing more on nutrition in the last stage of Intuitive Eating will be the perfect place for me to add in my knowledge right?

I love writing my blogs, I get to think my thoughts and write them on paper (well virtual paper) at the same time.

When starting Intuitive Eating it is so important to trust the process.

The 10 principles of Intuitive Eating are put in a certain order for a reason.

I would love to help you on your journey of taking your power back over food and your body, so you can live a truly free life.

Click HERE to join my membership community I Am Enough.

For the first 100 people to join, you will receive 50% off the monthly subscription price.

So join now for only $25/month and cancel at anytime.

So long for now,

I will be catching up to you next month or if you decide to join my FB community, I will see you sooner.

As always, remember you are enough!!

Big Hugs,


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