Holiday Traditions

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Holiday Traditions

November 19, 2018, Inspired Women Health CoachingEdit "Holiday Traditions"

Well, 3 more days till Thanksgiving. Can’t believe it. As I am getting older, I have been looking back at my family’s holiday traditions. I am appreciating family more, especially my parents, they are not getting younger. It will be hard without them in the future, so I am really honoring the time we have together. Throughout the years, I have not always appreciated being made to go over a relative’s house to celebrate a holiday. Especially as a teenager, I just wanted to stay home. Just sitting there with family and talking always seemed boring to me. But, now looking back at those times, it was a place I belonged and I was wanted there. I was surrounded by my loved ones and that is where you should be on a holiday, with people you love. A tradition, is something special, as I now see more and appreciate. Our loved ones work so hard to keep traditions going, for who? for us! Our parents, grandparents, etc, bake and cook and decorate so we feel loved on a special day. My Grandpa always make the turkey and potato stuffing at Thanksgiving and it was so good. He would throw in the kitchen sink sometimes. I will never forget, one Thanksgiving we were sitting at the dinner table and my brother Chris pulled out a whole chicken patty my Grandpa had put in the stuffing. My Grandpa said ” Give it to me” and my brother put it in his hand and my Grandpa went on to eat it. I have no idea how a chicken patty goes into the Thanksgiving stuffing. As my grandparents are all dead and my parents are getting up there in age, I miss the large family gatherings. Now, when my dad’s family gets together at Christmas time, the crowd is much smaller. A lot of loved ones have passed.

When we have family gatherings we need to take a snapshot of the scene and the feelings we have in our hearts and put it in a special place in our memory. This time in our lives will never happen again. Next year, you never know who might not be at our next family gathering. So, at the next holiday, pause for a moment and take it all in, you only live once they say.

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