Do you want to eat these but you would feel guilty afterwards? Read this...………….

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

I was talking to a friend yesterday and she said she feels guilty when she eats "bad" food, like sweets. I totally get it and used to feel exactly the same way.

It made me feel like I could not enjoy the foods that I loved and that tasted good. I felt deprived and powerless. I felt like since I was dieting and overweight that I could never enjoy yummy, satisfying food again. I felt like I needed to punish myself for being fat, and eat food I did not enjoy for the rest of my life. Anyone else feel like this? It is not fun.

At times, I would say to myself " I don't get it, how can this one piece of cake make me gain so much weight that I can't even have a piece once and a while?"

It is so true ladies, one piece of cake and even 5 pieces will not make you gain enormous amounts of weight. It is when you deprive yourself of having cake over and over that you finally give in and eat the whole cake every day for 5 days until your next diet, which will put extra pounds on.

That was my story for 36 years. What hell I put myself through. I started my first diet at 11 years old and 155 lbs and thought I was so fat. Ugh!!! My highest weight was 265 lbs. All from years of dieting and hating myself that I could not stick to my diet.

Now, that I found Intuitive eating, I do not eat whole cakes anymore. I do not hate myself anymore when I eat " unhealthy or bad " foods. They are part of my healthy lifestyle. Whoo Hoo!!!!! There is a need to feel guilty when eating " bad" foods. Unless you killed someone or stole the food there is no guilt needed.

I can eat one piece of cake and forget about the rest until I want more, I never thought it was possible before I found intuitive eating. I can actually control myself around sweets. I once thought I was addicted to sugar. Ladies, there is no such thing. I can help you kick your imagined sugar addiction, just ask me how.

All foods are equal to me, there are no bad and good foods. No deprivation and no guilt. I now have a healthy relationship with food and eat like a "normal" person. I never thought it was possible after all my years of disordered eating.

I am now at peace with food, Yes!!!!!! And I am not constantly thinking about what I can and cannot eat. It is such freedom. What liberation. I also do not weigh myself often and am free from judging myself by the number on the scale. I am worth so much more than that stupid number on the scale.

My mission in my health coaching practice is to give women freedom and power over food. I help women conquer emotional eating and it is possible. I have done it.

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