Are You Planning For Happiness?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

December 3, 2018 Inspired Women Health CoachingEdit "Are You Planning For Happiness?"

Good Monday everyone.

Hope you are not going too crazy getting ready for Christmas. I am almost done my shopping, yeah!!

So, I was talking to a friend this morning and she was saying how her life is just getting away from her. Her family is so busy every day with school, after school activities, and so on and so forth. She did have a scheduled family night every Saturday, but they just life just got in the way and they stopped that ritual. It can get so easy to get caught up in daily activities that we do not have time for the things that really matter. My suggestion if life is getting away from you and you are just not doing the important things that you want to, is to get a calendar. Purchase a calendar and schedule those family nights every week, schedule those date nights with your significant other. For many families, if it is not on the calendar it does not get done. Make it a priority to schedule the things that really matter to you. Life is so busy, we schedule kids activities, doctor’s appointments, and work, so why not schedule fun things and family time in. Sit down once a week as a family and plan a vacation or family game night. Weekly family meetings are a great way to keep communication open between family members and especially kids. Even small kids can have input at the family meetings, like where to go on vacation or what chores they would like to take on. We all get so busy with our to-do list and by scheduling family time in it assures us we are keeping our priorities straight. I love the planner that I use; it is called the Panda Planner. It has room a monthly calendar and daily time slots. It also has room to list what I am grateful for and a positive daily affirmation. At the bottom of the daily page is room to list the day’s wins and ways I can improve. I purchased it on Amazon, and I highly recommend it. So get to schedule those things that really matter to you and make your life worth living; life is too short.

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