A Story 71 Years In The Making

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

A Story 71 Years In The Making

November 14, 2018, Inspired Women Health CoachingEdit "A Story 71 Years In The Making"

Last year for Christmas I asked my husband for an Ancestry DNA kit. I was curious as to my heritage since my mom was adopted. I knew my dad's family was from Canada, but I knew nothing about my mom’s family. My mom knew nothing about her birth family so she couldn’t tell me anything. So, I excitedly took the test and submitted my DNA sample. It took about 6 weeks to get the results. I was so excited for the results to come in. So finally the results came in via email and come to find out I am almost half Irish and English, the other half is a mix of European and I am 3 percent Jewish. My son now wants to celebrate Hanukkah and his favorite song is a Hanukkah holiday song, lol.

So, I was surprised by the results and how much Irish I am and not a trace of Italian in me. My husband is 100 percent Italian and his parents are immigrants from Italy. My husband does not like my meatballs, so that would explain it; not a trace of Italian here.

So, a few months back I receive this email from Ancestry DNA. It is from a woman named Sherry who says she is my first cousin and her mom might be my mom’s sister, yikes!! I was so shocked to receive this email. Sherry had also taken a DNA test and we came back as a match for first cousins.

So, we email back and forth and sherry tells me that her daughter has been looking for my mom for years. My mom’s sister knew she had a sister and brother but had not seen them since they were babies.

So, my mom and her sister also took their DNA test and they are definitely sisters. It is such an amazing story. So, my mom and her sister finally met again after 71 years. My mom never knew she even had a sister. I had a get together at my house a couple of weeks for them to meet and it was such a magical moment them seeing each other again. They hugged each other, while myself and my cousin looked on and we both had tears in our eyes.

My mom and her sister are so much alike. So, they are both quiet and reserved; so dinner was kind of quiet. But, towards the end of the night, they started talking and have talked on the phone once since our meeting. We will be seeing all of them again next month. My new family is so nice. I feel like I have known them my whole life. My son said after meeting them ” they are the nicest family I have ever met” and I have to agree. I hope my mom and her sister will develop a friendship in the remaining years they have left as they are both in their 70’s.

What an amazing gift they have been given, to know they have each other. And this is no coincidence; my mom’s sister's granddaughter is pregnant and her baby is due on my mom’s birthday. It is just another sign that this is all God’s doing.

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