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You Are More Than What You Eat


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You Are More Than A Restrictive Plan

You Are Beauty


You Are Perfect Just As You


Partners in rebuilding your relationship

with yourself & food

What is your food story?

  • Have you battled with your self-image most of your life?

  • Do you feel guilty about what you eat?

  • Have you ever kept yourself from eating foods you enjoy?

  • Did you ever feel like you weren't good enough because of your body size?

  • Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your clothes and struggle to feel good in the clothes you wear?

  • Have you been looking for a solution to help you feel better about being you?

Are you a woman on a mission?

If you were to write your own sticky note, what would it say? Maybe some of the following:

  • To love me more

  • To be ok with what I eat

  • To feel good in my own skin

  • To take good care of myself

  • To end food's control over my life


Are you looking for support?

 Inspired Curves 




Intuitive Eating has changed my life. I finally have power over food. I have been suffering from emotional eating for years and thanks to Kim I finally have a healthy relationship with food and my body. 


I’m so glad I got to know Kim + I very much appreciate how hard she worked to educate herself in several areas to help women improve their health, confidence in themselves + all-around wellness.

It’s an important mission + she shares it with great understanding + compassion.

I really enjoyed her gentle yoga class + I loved how she explained each movement, it’s purpose + it’s benefits. I felt really relaxed + soothed after class.

I highly recommend her if you need help or direction.

No More Hiding

I love YOU and the message you are bringing to us curvy women . I’ve tried to hide my beautiful body that carried two handsome boys for too long and I’m ready to embrace it. My husband loves every inch of me so why shouldn’t I?


Kim will be the first one to help you dispel and sort through the misinformation that is floating around about food, exercise, and wellness for curvy individuals. She was the first person who said it was ok to be who I am and to work on my body image as well as provide intuitive eating and relaxing wellness techniques so I can be my best. If you want an ally and not someone who will judge you, Kim is your person! 


I felt comfortable with Kim immediately. You could tell Kim is very knowledgeable and caring. Taking her yoga and meditation classes truly helped me to find my center and leave me feeling relaxed. Her class is a highlight of my week.

What others say about

Inspired Curves

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Your Supporter & Guide

Kimberly Melillo, RN

Owner of Inspired Curves. Kimberly has struggled with her weight and a negative body image for over 36 years. A few years ago she discovered Intuitive Eating and it changed her life. She no longer lives her life by the numbers on the scale and food does not control her anymore. She has found that by having her own struggles with food and body image, she is the perfect match for other women suffering as she once did.


Kimberly is also a mom, wife, nurse, certified health coach, and intuitive eating counselor. She lives in Massachusetts with her family and when she isn't working as a nurse, she is busy helping people fall in love with themselves again. 

If you'd love to experience Kimberly's warmth, knowledge, and love for changing how we view food and our bodies be sure to schedule a free consultation call to learn more about working with her. 




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