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My Story

Hi There Beautiful!

I started my first diet when I was 11, I was going through puberty and filling out and gaining weight which was normal. I developed earlier than other girls in my class. I started dieting to fit in with the other thin girls in my class. Diet after diet, weight gain after weight gain and weight loss after weight loss, throughout my teens, twenties, 30’s and my 40’s. With each failed diet, my self-esteem would suffer. Negative thoughts about myself and my body would creep in, year after year. I wasted so much time hating myself because of my higher weight. I was constantly at war with my body.

No diet ever worked to make me more likable to friends or to myself.

No diet ever made me feel as pretty or good enough as the thin girls around me.

I felt less than, because of my weight.

I felt like a failure because I could not lose weight and keep it off. 

I kept myself isolated and hidden so I would not be ridiculed because of my size.

I kept myself “safe” in my room for years to be free from harsh judgement and criticism.

It was such a waste of my life, of my potential and my chance to help people (which is my passion as a nurse and a Health Coach).


In my 20’s, I would go to work, come home, eat and isolate. Eating was an outlet for me, a friend who did not judge or talk back. I ate when I was sad, anxious, depressed, lonely, frustrated and angry. It was an outlet for me. My relationship with food was so messed up. I longed to have a healthy relationship with food and eat like “a normal person”. I was amazed when I saw thin people in my life have a cupboard full of tempting sweets. I would think: “how do they eat this crap and stay so thin and how do they not eat all of this food in one sitting?” But, looking back now, those people were intuitive eaters. Food was just food to them. They ate to live not live to eat, like I did, for so many years. 

In 2018 I discovered Intuitive Eating, a way of eating according to your own hunger and fullness cues. The concept was coined by 2 dieticians, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. They have since written a book and workbook by the same name.

No dieting, no rules and no deprivation.


Intuitive Eating is not centered on weight loss and it is a way of eating that we are all born with, but diets often get in the way of; by telling us what, how much and when to eat. We are the best experts of what to eat, how to fuel our body and how food makes us feel. 

Ever since I started Intuitive Eating, I have such a feeling of freedom. Freedom from judging myself by the number on the scale and freedom from food rules and deprivation. I no longer eat for emotional reasons and I rarely overeat. I eat a variety of foods and enjoy food so much more, guilt free. My self-esteem and happiness with my body and my size has improved. I am a work in-progress. I am no longer obsessed about food and my weight, “it’s a miracle!!!!”

My mission in life is to help women feel the same freedom I feel. You are so much more than a number on a scale or the size of the pants you wear. I want you to know that you are enough, right now. It is time to live your life, freer and happier than you ever thought possible. I am here to help. You can do this and I will be right by your side, cheering you along the way.