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5 Steps to End Emotional Eating Guide

Are you tired of turning to food to cope with your negative emotions? 

Below is your FREE 5 step guide to ending emotional eating.


It contains journaling prompts that will leave you with actionable steps you can use right now to stop emotional eating and take your power back over food. 

This guide was created by Kimberly Melillo who is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. She empowers women to live happier and healthier lives through Intuitive Eating and self-compassion.

Kimberly has struggled with her weight and a negative body image for over 36 years.  A few years back she discovered Intuitive Eating and it has changed her life. She no longer lives her life by the number on the scale and food does not control her anymore. She has found that by having her own struggles with food and body image she is in a perfect position to help other women who are suffering just as she did.  She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and son. She also has been a nurse for 20 years. 

What Others Say About Intuitive Eating

Confident Woman

Intuitive Eating has changed my life. I finally have power over food. I have been suffering from emotional eating for years and thanks to Kim I finally have a healthy relationship with food and my body. 


I love YOU and the message you are bringing to us curvy women . I’ve tried to hide my beautiful body that carried two handsome boys for too long and I’m ready to embrace it. My husband loves every inch of me so why shouldn’t I?


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