Are you ready to:

  • End the diet rollercoaster?

  • Establish a healthy relationship with food?

  • Love and accept your body?

  • Become empowered to improve your relationship with food and your body?


You are enough!

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Tori Montbleau

I love YOU and the message you are bringing to us curvy women  I’ve tried to hide my beautiful body that carried two handsome boys for too long and I’m ready to embrace it  my husbands loves every inch of me so why shouldn’t I?! 

Image by Hanny Naibaho


I had 2 major breakthroughs working with Kimberly! Both of these important realizations now will help me change the way I look at my emotional eating forever and are already helping me with my goals! Thank you so much for holding space for my discovery. After 30 + years of using food to soothe me, I feel more aware than ever!


Sierra Grana

I've had the pleasure of having Kim as a client for 6 months. Her passion for what she does amazes me. You will never find another person that cares more about you and your successes than Kim The work she puts into her business everyday will not be matched. Blessed to know you and even more honored to call you a friend.

Image by Content Pixie

The I Am Enough Community is the creation of Kimberly Melillo, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Registered Nurse.

Kimberly empowers women to live happier and healthier lives through Intuitive Eating and Self-Compassion.

Like you, Kimberly has also struggled with her weight and negative body image for over 36 years.​​

In search of a solution, Kimberly found Intuitive Eating, which changed the course of her life.

She no longer lives her life counting calories, looking at the numbers on the scale, and food no longer controls her.

This journey uniquely qualifies her to help you on your path to health and self-love.

Kimberly is passionate about creating programs and supportive services, so other women don't have to suffer as she did.

Kimberly is a wife, mother, and nurse of 20 years and lives  in Massachusetts.

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